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How fake child kidnapping images, videos claimed lives in India

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WhatsApp messages using an edited video from Karachi were used to spread rumours about child kidnappings in India, resulting in at least three lynchings. BoomLive used video searching software to find that the abduction video was, in fact, an edited version of a public service video warning against child kidnapping.

Cameroon atrocity: Finding the soldiers who killed this woman

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The BBC conducted a compelling forensic analysis of a video showing the arrest and subsequent killing of a woman in the African nation of Cameroon. The editors used a variety of tools, including sophisticated geo-tagging and satellite imagery to uncover a ghastly massacre by the Army in Cameroon

Did PM Modi wear a football Jersey that suggested he was a fraudster

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A widely circulated image of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi holding a football jersey with the number 420 (the article in the Indian Penal Code for fraud), on it. A factcheck by BoomLive using Google Reverse Image Search found that the jersey was gifted to PM Modi by FIFA president Gianni Infantino originally said G20.

Fact-checking the Indian government claim on communal riots

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A BJP minister claimed there had been ‘no big communal riot’ since it came to power but the fact is that 389 persons were killed in over 2,000 communal incidents

Fake Image Goes Viral As That Of Godhra Train Burning In 2002

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The image was traced to an explosion that took place in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 2010, killing around 230 people, and not the the Godhra burning incident in 2002 that killed over 50 people and set off a pogrom against Muslims in the western Indian state of Gujarat.

Did a Singapore newspaper say ‘A New Lee Kuan Yew Is Born In India’ about India’s PM Modi?

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Fake news attributing the praise for PM Narendra Modi to a Singapore newspapers started doing the rounds on social media .

Unrelated video claims cops in Communist-ruled Kerala cracked down on Ayyappa devotees

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An old video of an unrelated protest was shared to claim police in the southern state used brutal force against Ayyappa devotees at the Sabarimala shrine.

Maratha protests images appropriated as VHP’s Ayodhya meet

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As members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, a hardline Hindu nationalist group, headed for Ayodhya in northern India, where a contested temple site is, old images from an ethnic protest in the western state of Maharashtra go viral.

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