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One of the biggest, and most dangerous, trend in the media space over the past five years or so has the been the exponential increase in the creation and circulation of fake news, often with tragic results. Fake news has also become a key influencer in the political discourse in many countries, with the power to influence elections, create social disturbance, and challenge the law-and-order situation.

Seekingfacts.in, the first of its kind in India, will act as a resource for educationists, students, non-profits, state agencies, and law-and-order authorities to detect and counter such information wherever they might find it.

Seekingfacts.in will provide comprehensive methodologies to empower citizens to detect fake news. It will also provide handy and downloadable educational resources for teachers to use in the classroom. Using case studies and processes developed by Boomlive.in, India’s leading fake news busting and fact checking website, this website will provide guides that will allow individuals to spot and identify fake news.

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